Research and Development

The progress of more than half a century of “Shin-Etsu Rare Earths”;
the challenge never ends.

  • The Magnetic Materials Research Center

    Research and development of rare earths goes back to 1961. We opened the Magnetic Materials Research Center as a base for specialized research and the development of applications of rare earths in 1971.

    The technical requirements from our customers are diverse.
    The Magnetic Materials Research Center tries to meet all customer demands and to support customers’development work for the next century.

  • Shin-Etsu Rare Earth Magnets

    Shin-Etsu rare earth magnets are used by many customers today.
    We developed samarium-cobalt magnet and this fact is connected to the handling of neodymium magnet of the 1980s.

    Rare earths and rare earth magnets continue to advance even roughly half a century after Shin-Etsu started research.