Here, we introduce major questions from customers.

Are all Shin-Etsu rare earth products on your website?
The products described on the website are only one part. Please contact us for more information.
What are the characteristics of Shin-Etsu Rare Earths?
We guarantee excellent quality and steady supply as a result of manufacturing from raw materials.
We are able to meet a wide variety of requirements from customers.
Where is the manufacturing plant located?
Takefu Factory in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan.
Where is your research center located?
Takefu Factory in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan.
We can respond to customers' requests by closely cooperating with our production team.
Where is the sales office located?
Tokyo, Japan.
We also have sales offices for rare earth magnets in Nagoya and Osaka, Chicago in the USA, and Frankfurt in Germany.
I can't find the rare earth material that I want.
There is a possibility for our production team and development team to produce test products. Please contact us for details.
Is it possible to control the shape of the particles?
It depends on the elements. Please contact us for further consultation.
When we think of rare earths, we imagine that they are limited and it is hard to find the resources.
In the past, we couldn’t deny the country risk because of the limited countries/regions that commercialize rare earth raw materials. We try to sweep away this negative image, and we continue to develop new resources of raw materials all over the world.
We are also promoting recycling, and will continue to take steps to achieve a stable supply of Shin-Etsu rare earths to our customers.